How 19 Emails Won Us A Trip To Maui

How 19 Emails Earned Trip to Maui!.jpg

I almost couldn’t believe it. $12,838 in just 18 hours.

All from email.

But not just any email.

19 carefully crafted, power-packed, storytelling-emails.

How are your emails doing? Are they falling on deaf ears? Or being deleted on site?

(Hey, before I forget… don’t forget to download your FREE Email Melodrama Cheat Sheet.)

You’ve probably heard that email is FAR from dead. In fact, the (Data Marketing & Analytics) recently announced that…

“Email Continues To Be The Number One Digital Channel For ROI.”

Yes, that means, even more than Facebook and other Social Media channels.

But are your email campaigns working the way you hoped they would?

If not… what’s wrong?

There are many common mistakes. I’ll get to those in the FREE download at the end of this post, the Email Melodrama Cheat Sheet.

One of the biggies is, your emails don’t tell stories.

People LOVE Stories.

We spend money all the time on stories. At the movies, on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and on and on. We love books that tell us a good story so we can forget about our troubles and problems for a while.

Who doesn’t love a good story?

And on top of that, who doesn’t love a good story that’s SO interesting, it keeps us coming back again and again… whether in TV episodes, one of the seven Harry Potter books, or in one of the Mavel Comics or Avenger films?

Everybody is ADDICTED to story!

So why aren’t you telling stories in your emails?

Doug is a ‘virtuoso’ at creating story email sequences. I put my money where my mouth is. I’ve hired Doug myself. There are few people whose emails I always read. It’s a very short list, and Doug is on it.
— Ray Edwards, A-list Copywriter

What’s An Email Melodrama?

My wife was about to give up. She’d been working tirelessly in her network marketing business to earn a trip to Maui for the two us.

With only 20 days left until the deadline, she was $12,838 short of the goal. She was ready to give up.

Luckily I convinced her to try one last strategy. Our very own Pew Family Email Melodrama.

Ok… a little explanation… What is an Email Melodrama?

The 1st half of the word "melodrama" comes from the Greek "melos," meaning "song strain." 

The 2nd half of the word, “drama,” also derives from a Greek word. “Drama," means a "theatrical plot." 

So, email melodramas are like little pieces of musical theater, or opera, or film, stretched out over several days. Day after day, each email tells on part of the full-length, long story. The full series of story emails builds onto itself finally leading to a product launch, a big sale, or some other kind of important campaign. Email melodramas are designed to keep your readers engaged over several days, or even weeks.

That's my kind of email!!

$12,838 in 18 Hours

During the final 20 days of my wife’s Get-Us-The-Maui-Trip promotion, I wrote our very first Email Melodrama!

Our email melodrama was a long line of 19 carefully crafted, story-telling, attention-getting, audience-priming, song-singing, hyper-engaging emails.

Each email led to a big MONSTER sale on the last day. But the monster sale lasted only 18 hours before closing forever.

With our email melodrama, we created a 19-day runway to get our Maui plane off the ground.

And guess what… IT WORKED!!

In those 18 hours, we hit our $12,838 mark, and even a little more. WE EARNED OUR TRIP TO MAUI!!!

How To Write Your Very Own ‘Email Melodrama’

To help you get an idea of how these Email Melodramas work, I’ve pasted one of the 19 emails in our Maui Melodrama here below.

And… I’ve prepared a cheat sheet for you. An Email Melodrama Cheat Sheet.

The Cheat Sheet goes through a couple other crucial things to AVOID in your emails. And then it gives you a template for writing an email in your own Email Melodrama.

Before I give the Cheat Sheet, I want to give you an example from our Maui Melodrama.

As you read this email, try to identify some of the key components that make it sing.

Ask yourself these 3 important questions…

  • How does this email grab my reader’s attention?

  • How does this email set the hook for the NEXT email so my readers will come back?

  • How does this email transition from the story to the promotion and offer?”

Okay, here’s email #5 out of 19 in our '“Get Us To Maui Email Melodrama.”

Check it out…

Email #10 of 19 - ‘Get-Us-To-Maui Email Melodrama’

Subject: The first time my husband abandoned me

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…”

That’s usually how Doug describes the 9 months he lived in Poland.

Best? Because he received a prestigious Fulbright grant which paid for him to live in Warsaw, Poland and finish his doctorate at the Chopin University of Music with a famous teacher.

Worst? Because there wasn’t enough money for us to go with him.

And he didn’t really abandon us. I’m just being dramatic. It was one of the most difficult decisions we ever made. Probably THE most difficult decision .In the end, we felt that Doug should take advantage of this unique opportunity.

My in-laws generously offered to welcome our 3 kids and I into their home for the school year.

So we packed up our condo in Cincinnati. We put almost everything into a storage unit. We found renters to live in our condo (remember that condo, the one we should never have bought?

We couldn't sell it because now we were upside down in it due to the housing crisis).

unnamed (9).jpg

On August 11, 2011, our little Zach’s 4th birthday, we began the long 1,600-mile, 3-day drive from Cincinnati to Utah.

Our green Nissan Maxima was filled to the brim with suitcases and children. 6-year-old Aubrey. 4-year-old Zach. 10-month-old Corynne.

We got settled into my in-laws home in American Fork, Utah and Doug left for Poland on September 11, 2011.

It was a strange time. But we were taken care of. The kids really enjoyed being with their grandparents all the time, both my in-laws and my parents who lived close by.

And I had a quiet peaceful feeling that everything would be alright.

It took Doug quite a while to feel less guilty for having run off to Europe. He missed Corynne’s first birthday. He missed her taking her first steps.

unnamed (10).jpg
unnamed (11).jpg

He took it really hard. He’s a good Daddy and never thought he’d be so far away for so long.

But he busied himself studying, composing, singing in the Cathedral choir, being their assistant conductor, and attending all types of awesome classical music concerts and festivals with his famous Polish teacher.

unnamed (12).jpg

We spoke on the phone or Skype every single day. And when December came, instead of making a “how-many-sleeps-until-Christmas” paper chain, we made a “how-many-sleeps-until-Daddy-comes-home-for-Christmas” paper chain.

We were so glad that he could come home for Christmas to break up the 9 months with a wonderful 2-week holiday visit.

But if we thought to let him go the first time was hard, it was nothing compared to sending him off again after Christmas.

Especially with what the doctors told me later that same day. It was NOT good.

How could I deal with being sick AND without a husband for another 5 months?

More tomorrow…

I’m sure you can imagine how much we missed each other. It’s been 6 and a half years, but that time apart compounded. And since then, we’ve been hoping for a special getaway together.

Hence my big push to get us to Maui.

Only 4 days until our BIG sale! Woohoo!

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Thanks so much!

Have a great germ-free day!


P.S. Help get this bunch of crazies to Maui by clicking here, [LINK].

Corporate Email Zombies

Did you find the attention grabber? What about the hook for the next email, or the transition to the promotion?

I’m sure you did. But if not, don’t worry, I’ll do a little anlysis the Email Melodrama Cheat Sheet so you can see for yourself..

I’ve even got a little template for you.

But before I go, I hope you’re seeing that far from popular opinion…

Email Is NOT Dead!

Well… some people’s emails are dead. Or at least, they’ve been bitten by the corporate Email Zombies.

But just because your inbox is full of these warmed over “walking dead” emails, doesn’t mean you have to fill your customer’s emails with deranged and mangled email body-parts.

One thing’s for sure. Your customers, like you, and like everyone else on the planet, LOVE a good story.

Why not give them what they want?

Because, you know, if they can’t see your product making a difference in the story they see in the movie theater of their mind, they’ll never buy.

To get started on your very own Email Melodrama, click the big button below and download the FREE Email Melodrama Cheat Sheet, complete with template.

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And may your copy resonate with your customers like a tuning fork on steriods!


P.S. Whatever you do, don’t keep sending those decomposing corporate-style emails your customers delete on site. Tell ‘em a story. Tell ‘em LOTS of stories. Here’s where to get started… Email Melodrama Cheat Sheet.